Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave. §§§§

This IS the worst film ever. The cinematic equivalent of being tossed to Hitler's mad doctors and experimented on while bathing in pure LSD that had been pissed in by fucking SS troops. Its so bad, I don't even want to look up my journal notes about how bad it is. I know, everyone kinda likes Super Dave. His lameass little skits are amusing and often LOL funny. Those are bait. Like Marlene Dietrich in underwear singing something bohemian while twirling tassles while overhead a huge iron cage leading to the mad doctors, band saws, and the lsd bath swings from a huge iron chain with stupid Hitler waiting for you to approach her so he can pull the lever. Nothing I can say would sound as bad as it is though. Go ahead. Watch it. Remember I told you not to. It even has Ray Charles in it. How bad can it be. Dumbass.